Friday, May 15, 2009

Rainy Friday

Hello all,
Somehow another week has managed to get by as the summer is getting close there are many things going on around base. Sean has been doing the sound for the church service on Sunday morning and as a result we go to practices on Wednesday nights. Two weeks ago we found out that the chapel services free food on Wednesday night at five and then we started working with the high school group and helping with their Bible study. This past week was the last week they have until school starts back up in the fall. We did talk to them about doing stuff during the summer and it sounds like the few students that will be here are interested in getting together.

I (Laura) went over and talked to the woman that works in the job that I applied for and would really like and asked if they had recieved my application today. She mentioned that she was able to once again talk with her boss about me and was very excited but said she couldn't say anything more. It sounds promising but if I don't get this we'll go from there and in the mean time apply to other places. She would most likely call next week for an interview and then is interviewing on May 27th as that is when the boss will be in town. It's all up to what God has in store and we are just along for the ride.

I was able to visit and get to know more of the women here this week but more specifically get to know some of the women that I have met here better. It seems that when you come in you meet so many people and it's hard to even begin that friendship process but I feel like things are slowing down to get there. I did get lost on the way home though from one of the houses but found my way home!

Tomorrow is Sean's three year anniversary with the Air Force which I guess they don't celebrate but I just hear with each year there is still acknowledgement of another year finished. We are going to have a date night tonight and then he is going to have some time with one of the guys from Bible study that has been a huge blessing in terms of friendship to just hang out as he has not had a lot of guy time. I get to spend time with his wife as they have become good friends of ours. I think that Danka and I may go to one of the cafes and get a cappicino and maybe a pastry. :) I love the pastries!

Anyway I look forward to hearing from you and hope all is going well...

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