Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend and Monday

Well, it was a pretty busy weekend in which we were able to get several different things done. One of those things was figuring out how to pay the internet bill at the Italian post office. It gets tricky when they don't speak English and we are still definitely learning Italian. After a couple of trips back and forth from the base to the post office we were able to take care of the bill and we think it went were it was suppose to go as you pay bills at there and not just mail things? That was quite the experience though :)
We were also able to go to a bizzare this weekend at the base that brought vendors in from all over Europe and there were some really awesome things but most were pretty expensive. They had anything from wines, to french soaps, german clocks, ceramics, turkish rugs, lots of furniture, jewerely, tea, and much more. We mainly looked and figured that next year we could save up for an Italian piece of furniture.
We spent a good portion of yesterday (Sunday) cleaning out the clutter room as hopefully in about two weeks we will be getting our furniture and sort of need that room cleaned out. We did have one cat jump out the window but when we yelled at her and Sean went outside to get her, she jumped back into the house. I took the kitties to the vet this morning and they got their shots and cried for the majority of the morning but now they don't have to get in a car for another year!
I found out just a little bit ago that one of the girls I've got to know here just went into preterm labor and could use some prayers. She is ten weeks early and they are trying to have her not yet go into labor and she is at the Pordenone hospital and not even the Air Force's on base hospital. I would go and visit but have no idea where that is at and I think it would only lead me into getting lost. Please pray for my friend Ashley and her husband Dan in this time, thanks! That's all for now...buh bye!

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