Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July in Italy

Sean and I were able to go camping with a group of friends that are in a Bible study we are a part of on Friday nights. We were able to head into the mountains for about an hour with about 15 other people and it was a lot of fun. There are several couples in the group and a couple of people who have young kids as well as several families expecting. We were able to get out and hike and ended up on like a 3 hour hike to some pretty cool waterfalls. We stayed for only one night so we could get back to the base on Saturday to see the fireworks. Americans unfortunetly are not always the best as at the camp site there were several groups of us in which we didn't know each other but one group did a lot of damage to the campsite and took off in the middle of the night and really gave us more of a bad name...urg. The fireworks were pretty cool and I was surprised at how many and how long the display was over in Italy.
Sean hasn't been feeling cool as he came down with a pretty bad cold yesterday but plans to get some rest tonight and the next couple of nights. The only thing planned we have is to host the Bible study at our house this week which is exciting because it's the first time we've been able to host anything since getting our furniture. We are finishing up and should be done by Friday with getting everything organized and for the most part put away. We lost our internet so if you try to call us you won't be able to get through until it gets back up and running and in Italy you never know how long that takes. But we are very blessed by our neighbors as they are going to go to the internet place for us since we don't speak Italian and help us out! We are so blessed by them!
I started my job this week and still have a lot to learn. I get my actual training next week and so this week I'm still learning about University of Phoenix and specifically about the programs we have in Aviano. I've been able to leave at 2 this week as my boss said there was not a lot to do until I get my training which begins on Monday :) I need to get out of the library and run some errands but just wanted to give an update.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Job and house

Well, Sean and I found out that I got a job yesterday with the University of Phoenix. I will be the field representative for the Aviano office beginning on July 6th. Basically it means that I will go out and recruit interested students for their MBA and education program as those are the two that are offered on this base. I will then get to work with the students to get set up for classes, financial aid, and helping them in order for them to graduate. I will be working full time at least for a time in which I will maybe later go down to part time.
We have been very busy as we got in our stuff finally from Colorado and so we have been working on putting things away at home when we are actually home to do so. We will definitely post some pictures when everything is done but still have some work to go. It has been a busy season for people leaving here which means lots of goodbye dinners and picnics and just busyness.
This weekend for the fourth of July we are going to go camping with some friends from our Bible study on Friday night and hike on Saturday. We are going to try and get back in time though to see the fireworks on base on Saturday night. Then hopefully we'll be able to rest on Sunday as we both head to work on Monday.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Lollipop Kind of Day

Sean had the day off from work as it was an Air Force family day so we decided to go to Florence. We were not sure if we were going to stay the night but ended up coming home to save money and we did not know where to stay. There is a thing on base that will set up a hotel for you in a city that is good and clean but we forgot to ask them to set that up two days in advance. Anyway we left and were able to borrow one of our friend's GPS systems which works great and we found it about 3 hours after taking leaving. We were able to see a lot of Florence but by the time we found the museum with the David it had just closed...bummer. We will definitely be going back there though as some of you visit I'm sure and now we know where they hide the museum. It actually is very difficult to find and many people walk by it without knowing it. We were able to stop at a rest stop on the way and got some good old ice cream and it was strangely nice to know that they have the same kind of highway junk food rest stops. (Sean would like to point out that it seemed healthier at this stop though)
We were able to witness but did not take pictures of one nun attempting to direct a vehicle full of nuns out of this crazy tight area and they were very nervous. I'm not sure they knew how to drive very well but they made it out and I was impressed. The driving was crazy but Sean had fun driving through the streets as Laura held her breath or shouted out directs from the GPS. Luckly Sean is good at getting through tight places and changing directions when we realize we are driving down the wrong way of a one way. The car did not get a scratch as the Lord continues to look over us!
Then on the way home we were about 45 minutes from home when we were stuck on the autostrada (highway) and finally made it 25 km in four and a half hours. Sean and Laura both fell asleep at different times and Laura needed to finally brave the traffic. The stop and go traffic was a challenge for my new stick shift driving experience but the stops from anywhere from 20 minutes to 40 minutes helped me not jerk the car. It was 2:30 in the morning when we pulled into our town. The Carabinieri (the cops) were pulling people over for alcohol checks. So we were about 5 minutes from home and I got pulled over by them flashing their lollipop. But no need for them to shoot at our car as they do if you don't stop but they were pretty much pulling people over to check to see if they were drinking. Since I had not been they sent me home and we were finally able to crash.
So today we relax!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Visa In!

Hey, sorry that it's been awhile since the last post. I have had some time that I haven't felt good and have experienced my migraines again. I've been busy and I'm not sure how that happened. I have a first interview tomorrow but I think it's over the phone and then a possible second interview for that job the following week. We are just waiting to see if that is the direction God has for us. I (Laura) finally got in my visa this Monday as I had turned it in back in February to the base in Colorado and it took about two months from the time they got it back till it got here which made us a little nervous. So now I can begin the paperwork that will allow me to get a job on base. The one I have applied for is one of the very few that does not need my Italian social security number which I can now apply for since I have my visa. It's a crazy process but it does move me closer to actually being able to really apply for a job because I really could not before now.
I have been able to continue to get to know some of the women from the Bible study and that has been great. We were able to go to the beach last week which we are about an hour or so away from. Sean and I are looking at probably getting out and seeing more of the area this weekend since he has a three day weekend but we are still deciding what we want to see.
Look forward to hearing from you...sorry for the delay.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

So last week went by quickly for me (Laura) as she spent a large portion of it with a migraine and asleep. I had just not felt good so I apologize as I did not get on here and type much. We were able to get to Friday night Bible study as that was when I finally started to feel better.
The next day, yesterday, we were able to travel to Lake Barces with some of new friends that we really enjoy spending time together. The lake and river is only about 20 to 30 minutes from our house and it is a beautiful place. The water is a color that I had never seen before and it was just a beautiful blue color. We mainly waded in the water except for our one friend that braved the really cold mountain water as he floated down the river for awhile. Our feet were amazingly soft after standing in that water as there must be some some of minerals in the water that turns the water that color along with keeping our feet soft :)
We were able to relax today and also get out and do some minimal household shopping. We went into a store called Scarpe & Scarpe, which means shoes and shoes. Wow the Italians love their shoes and more specifically their high heels. Sean was ready to go when we left....and we left without buying any shoes.
Would love to hear from you all!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend and Monday

Well, it was a pretty busy weekend in which we were able to get several different things done. One of those things was figuring out how to pay the internet bill at the Italian post office. It gets tricky when they don't speak English and we are still definitely learning Italian. After a couple of trips back and forth from the base to the post office we were able to take care of the bill and we think it went were it was suppose to go as you pay bills at there and not just mail things? That was quite the experience though :)
We were also able to go to a bizzare this weekend at the base that brought vendors in from all over Europe and there were some really awesome things but most were pretty expensive. They had anything from wines, to french soaps, german clocks, ceramics, turkish rugs, lots of furniture, jewerely, tea, and much more. We mainly looked and figured that next year we could save up for an Italian piece of furniture.
We spent a good portion of yesterday (Sunday) cleaning out the clutter room as hopefully in about two weeks we will be getting our furniture and sort of need that room cleaned out. We did have one cat jump out the window but when we yelled at her and Sean went outside to get her, she jumped back into the house. I took the kitties to the vet this morning and they got their shots and cried for the majority of the morning but now they don't have to get in a car for another year!
I found out just a little bit ago that one of the girls I've got to know here just went into preterm labor and could use some prayers. She is ten weeks early and they are trying to have her not yet go into labor and she is at the Pordenone hospital and not even the Air Force's on base hospital. I would go and visit but have no idea where that is at and I think it would only lead me into getting lost. Please pray for my friend Ashley and her husband Dan in this time, thanks! That's all for now...buh bye!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rainy Friday

Hello all,
Somehow another week has managed to get by as the summer is getting close there are many things going on around base. Sean has been doing the sound for the church service on Sunday morning and as a result we go to practices on Wednesday nights. Two weeks ago we found out that the chapel services free food on Wednesday night at five and then we started working with the high school group and helping with their Bible study. This past week was the last week they have until school starts back up in the fall. We did talk to them about doing stuff during the summer and it sounds like the few students that will be here are interested in getting together.

I (Laura) went over and talked to the woman that works in the job that I applied for and would really like and asked if they had recieved my application today. She mentioned that she was able to once again talk with her boss about me and was very excited but said she couldn't say anything more. It sounds promising but if I don't get this we'll go from there and in the mean time apply to other places. She would most likely call next week for an interview and then is interviewing on May 27th as that is when the boss will be in town. It's all up to what God has in store and we are just along for the ride.

I was able to visit and get to know more of the women here this week but more specifically get to know some of the women that I have met here better. It seems that when you come in you meet so many people and it's hard to even begin that friendship process but I feel like things are slowing down to get there. I did get lost on the way home though from one of the houses but found my way home!

Tomorrow is Sean's three year anniversary with the Air Force which I guess they don't celebrate but I just hear with each year there is still acknowledgement of another year finished. We are going to have a date night tonight and then he is going to have some time with one of the guys from Bible study that has been a huge blessing in terms of friendship to just hang out as he has not had a lot of guy time. I get to spend time with his wife as they have become good friends of ours. I think that Danka and I may go to one of the cafes and get a cappicino and maybe a pastry. :) I love the pastries!

Anyway I look forward to hearing from you and hope all is going well...