Monday, June 8, 2009

Visa In!

Hey, sorry that it's been awhile since the last post. I have had some time that I haven't felt good and have experienced my migraines again. I've been busy and I'm not sure how that happened. I have a first interview tomorrow but I think it's over the phone and then a possible second interview for that job the following week. We are just waiting to see if that is the direction God has for us. I (Laura) finally got in my visa this Monday as I had turned it in back in February to the base in Colorado and it took about two months from the time they got it back till it got here which made us a little nervous. So now I can begin the paperwork that will allow me to get a job on base. The one I have applied for is one of the very few that does not need my Italian social security number which I can now apply for since I have my visa. It's a crazy process but it does move me closer to actually being able to really apply for a job because I really could not before now.
I have been able to continue to get to know some of the women from the Bible study and that has been great. We were able to go to the beach last week which we are about an hour or so away from. Sean and I are looking at probably getting out and seeing more of the area this weekend since he has a three day weekend but we are still deciding what we want to see.
Look forward to hearing from you...sorry for the delay.

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