Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

So last week went by quickly for me (Laura) as she spent a large portion of it with a migraine and asleep. I had just not felt good so I apologize as I did not get on here and type much. We were able to get to Friday night Bible study as that was when I finally started to feel better.
The next day, yesterday, we were able to travel to Lake Barces with some of new friends that we really enjoy spending time together. The lake and river is only about 20 to 30 minutes from our house and it is a beautiful place. The water is a color that I had never seen before and it was just a beautiful blue color. We mainly waded in the water except for our one friend that braved the really cold mountain water as he floated down the river for awhile. Our feet were amazingly soft after standing in that water as there must be some some of minerals in the water that turns the water that color along with keeping our feet soft :)
We were able to relax today and also get out and do some minimal household shopping. We went into a store called Scarpe & Scarpe, which means shoes and shoes. Wow the Italians love their shoes and more specifically their high heels. Sean was ready to go when we left....and we left without buying any shoes.
Would love to hear from you all!


  1. Sean -- I love the Cardinals hat!

  2. Laura,

    That water looks like the water you see in the rivers in Alaska--it looks like glacial meltoff. I'm enjoying reading your Italy updates!


  3. That lake and river look so beautiful! And surrounding areas look very green. It sounds like that will be a place that you'll visit often!