Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July in Italy

Sean and I were able to go camping with a group of friends that are in a Bible study we are a part of on Friday nights. We were able to head into the mountains for about an hour with about 15 other people and it was a lot of fun. There are several couples in the group and a couple of people who have young kids as well as several families expecting. We were able to get out and hike and ended up on like a 3 hour hike to some pretty cool waterfalls. We stayed for only one night so we could get back to the base on Saturday to see the fireworks. Americans unfortunetly are not always the best as at the camp site there were several groups of us in which we didn't know each other but one group did a lot of damage to the campsite and took off in the middle of the night and really gave us more of a bad name...urg. The fireworks were pretty cool and I was surprised at how many and how long the display was over in Italy.
Sean hasn't been feeling cool as he came down with a pretty bad cold yesterday but plans to get some rest tonight and the next couple of nights. The only thing planned we have is to host the Bible study at our house this week which is exciting because it's the first time we've been able to host anything since getting our furniture. We are finishing up and should be done by Friday with getting everything organized and for the most part put away. We lost our internet so if you try to call us you won't be able to get through until it gets back up and running and in Italy you never know how long that takes. But we are very blessed by our neighbors as they are going to go to the internet place for us since we don't speak Italian and help us out! We are so blessed by them!
I started my job this week and still have a lot to learn. I get my actual training next week and so this week I'm still learning about University of Phoenix and specifically about the programs we have in Aviano. I've been able to leave at 2 this week as my boss said there was not a lot to do until I get my training which begins on Monday :) I need to get out of the library and run some errands but just wanted to give an update.

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