Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Job and house

Well, Sean and I found out that I got a job yesterday with the University of Phoenix. I will be the field representative for the Aviano office beginning on July 6th. Basically it means that I will go out and recruit interested students for their MBA and education program as those are the two that are offered on this base. I will then get to work with the students to get set up for classes, financial aid, and helping them in order for them to graduate. I will be working full time at least for a time in which I will maybe later go down to part time.
We have been very busy as we got in our stuff finally from Colorado and so we have been working on putting things away at home when we are actually home to do so. We will definitely post some pictures when everything is done but still have some work to go. It has been a busy season for people leaving here which means lots of goodbye dinners and picnics and just busyness.
This weekend for the fourth of July we are going to go camping with some friends from our Bible study on Friday night and hike on Saturday. We are going to try and get back in time though to see the fireworks on base on Saturday night. Then hopefully we'll be able to rest on Sunday as we both head to work on Monday.

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